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The Aroma Of New Life

April 20, 2011

by Thomas M. Pender

Just a few weeks before my first baby was born, my mom surprised and intrigued me with a rather odd tip.  She said, “When you’re with the baby for the first time, smell it.”  I asked why, probably joking that all newborns probably smell like baby powder and pee.   She told me that, in fact, every newborn has its own unique smell.

With Garrett, I don’t remember exactly when I got the chance to do this, but I did remember to try it.  No baby powder or natural functions could be detected on my infant son.  Garrett smelled like . . . sugar cookies!  In fact, for the first few days of his life on Earth, I called him “Sugarboy,” but this quickly evolved into “Honeyboy,” which stuck for the first six or nine months.

Four years later, when I actually got to be alone with newborn John Christian for a couple of hours, one of the things I did – along with tell him about his family, sing to him and thank God for his safe delivery – was to breathe in deep near the soft skin at the top of his head.  Whereas Garrett smelled of something specific, with Johnny it was an overall smell of spices, like I was in a baker’s closet.

Again, I was surprised.  Not because I didn’t believe my mother, but simply because I had never heard of such an individual element in babies.  Maybe it’s just because I’m a guy, and we don’t hear or retain such information.  Most men might not even care, but I think my generation – and now the one after me, which is old enough to be creating another – is peopled by men who allow themselves to show love.   Who kiss their kids in public, who say “I love you” into the phone, and who are not embarrassed to carry stuffed animals or be invited to their daughters’ tea parties.  This is a wonderful thing.

To those who may not have heard of this mystical bonding trick, give it a try.  If you don’t have a newborn of your own, or one on the way soon, remember to smell the forehead of your sister’s baby, or another in your family.  It really is a wonder of Nature!

Poem For You

April 11, 2011

by Thomas M. Pender


As a student of God
And a friend of Jesus
I am ever in awe
Of all things made
By the Lord
I respect all creations equally
But I’ll admit I have my favorites
Sunsets on lakes
Crickets on July evenings
And eyes like yours
Laughter among friends
Quiet times by firesides
And smiles like yours
Strangers who help
Children at play
And people like you
Whenever I witness
Those favorites I love
I remember to thank
The Creator of all
But He hears my thanks most often
During the times that I am with you
written by t. michael pender  2/5/93
©1993 T. Michael Pender.  All rights reserved.

My Valentine To Me

February 14, 2011

by Thomas M. Pender


I was in a silly mood when I wrote this, admittedly.  Please don’t think me an arrogant narcissist, I’m just a guy who appreciates that we should love ourselves throughout our lives, because we have to spend every day of our entire lives with ourselves.  Might as well celebrate that love on Valentine’s Day, too! 🙂

I have never met anyone so selfless
As I am
And I am constantly overwhelmed
By all I do
For me
I tell me “I love you”
For no reason
I open doors for me
Just like a true gentleman
And I just know that
I would bend over backward
To get me out of trouble
Or console me in a time of need
Without even having to ask me to do so
I want to take the time
To let me know
That I am appreciated
That even when I don’t know it
I see all the little things that I do for me
And they only make me love me more
God must have known that I needed me
Just as He saw that I needed me, too
And put me and I together
For all eternity
Thank me
So very much
For all I do
And I pray that all my tomorrows
Will be spent with me
To keep me company
Every step of the way.
written by t. michael pender  2/13/11
©2011 T. Michael Pender.  All rights reserved.